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    Parameters Professional Contractors Use To Ensure Quality Sport Floor Installation In Phoenix

    The surfaces in any playground require the proper design to meet the quality and safety standards prescribed for particular sports. The installation of the playground and the surface striping follows before unveiling the new courts for various sports. Take time to gather various ideas to come up with specifications of your dream game courts. However, you need to identify a reliable contractor to design the playground and install a suitable surface. The expert will advise you on the essential features to include in the surface for customization and compliance with various regulations. The rest of this post outlines the top strategies reliable contractors utilize for excellent Sport floor installation in Phoenix.

    Your Preferred Sports

    It is imperative to establish the kind of sport you intend to play on the court before contacting a contractor for estimates and installation. You may contact us to install a court for basketball or tennis among other sports. We can set up multi-sport floors when you want to use the playground for several sports. Contact us for a free quotation and professional guide on the best features to incorporate on your courts.

    Understand the Graphics

    Graphics give you the best chance to customize your sport floors. You can opt to use the standard colors and graphic options or customize them. Every playground needs specific stripping to adhere to sport specifications. We can easily include the graphics, logos and other custom designs you need as we strip your courts. We use prominent lines when stripping for major games and ghost lines for the rest. You may choose different color for every game or conventional white stripping.

    The Color of the Court

    Just because the conventional tennis courts are commonly green does not mean you should paint yours the same way. We are there to customize your courts with a wide range of colors to suit your expectations. You can choose from the soft green to vibrant grey with several other options that our experts get from mixing colors. All you need is to specify the color or give us an image of how you want the playground to appear and we will surprise you.

    Site Visit and Preparation

    We always send our field team to inspect the area you want us to install the courts. They assess the extent of preparations the site needs and advise you on any changes if the site is not ideal for the courts installation. Also, we check if the area needs any restoration, leveling and confirm if its measurements match the standard court specifications. We finally embark on the installation process once we agree on suitability of the site for your playground.

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